Save As.?
A "Save As" feature would make life easier a project could be saved in different files as you progress.

Robert Jenkins shared this idea 21/10/18 13:39
Francine Millman 19/01/19 19:09
Yes! This is an obvious missing option. If I make significant changes, but want to keep my original, SAVE AS is critical.
Quek Wee Teck 31/01/19 00:14
'Save as' feature allows us to make the videos with different variations without the need to keep doing the same thing again and to make adjustments for a small part of it. This is a default feature for all software.
Valentino Giudice 14/04/19 16:19
Shelley List 30/04/19 19:03
If you right-click a project, there's a "duplicate" option. Doesn't that take care of it?
James Wilson 25/07/19 21:10
Benjamin Aeilkema 22/08/19 17:42
Definitely needed feature.
Mak Wilson 11/10/19 13:55
I just requested this feature myself before Admin pointed me towards your same suggestion. I would love this feature, just as I love it on all of my editing softwares. Means you can do variations on a theme.
Mak Wilson 11/10/19 13:58
Actually, Shelley List's comment above, about already being able to duplicate a project, does kind of do the same thing.
Afzal 12/11/19 13:48
This is vital especially if working on similar projects and want minor variations
Andreas Zinnen 19/12/19 16:58
Absolutely necessary to make video series uniform.
Thomas Dolislager 26/12/19 18:50
Dzvux 31/01/20 09:42
That would be awesome!
Rich Holmden 13/03/20 12:30
So important to have this feature. We plan on making bespoke mini videos for all our clients with changeable info such as dates and times, this would make it a lot easier!
Hugh Heinsohn 12/05/20 22:50
Amazing that Doodly doesn't support this - even the most basic freeware supports a Save As function. Desperately needed!
Mauro C. Loureiro 04/06/20 13:01
I created a video and now I have to translate, but the software does not allow me to take advantage, so I have to start from the scratch. Please, help us with this. We need a Save As feature.
Elvis Jahjah 17/06/20 10:52
So since it was considered. When are we gonna be able to use it?
Eugene Tan 12/07/20 08:15
Yes, this is a good feature as well. Please allow saving to local hard disk due to IP compliance policy. We cannot save our video outside the company network. Thanks!
Tony Davis 10/08/20 06:34
Simply put, not having a 'save as' function restricts your ability to take creative risks. I cannot believe this fundamental of all creative programs had been overlooked for 2 years.
Florin Dragusin 15/08/20 11:43
Yes export and import scenes would be great also for collaboration purposes.