Sort feature for assets (especially our own imports) and filter for custom assets
Hi, currently when you import a new asset, it shows on the top -- temporarily. Once you close the video and return to it, the assets are sorted from oldest to newest. This means that if you return to a work in progress, all your newly imported assets are down at the bottom which requires a lot of scrolling. It would make more sense to have them up at the top of the list as they are when you first import them. It would be great if we could choose the sort ourselves, too, such as newest to oldest or alphabetical. If you could also add a filter for custom assets, that would be great as sometimes you just want to work with a particular set on a given project. Thank you!

Pamela Dimmick shared this idea 21/10/18 18:54
Leonido Gebhard 15/02/19 00:50
I agree. Just wanted to create a request for this. Possibility to sort but also filter the objects (also Audios filtered by length) would be great.