Delay between paths
Hi, When creating the paths for one image where you are creating multiple paths for the one image. Can a delay be added between paths. Either once the one path as draw we can add a delay before it starts to draw the next path or once it gets to the point were the next path begins we can add a delay or have both option. This delay would be able to be set by myself in increments of 0.5 seconds. Hope I have explained myself properly. if you need to contact me feel free. Thank you so much for Doodly!!!! Dave

David G shared this idea 22/10/18 01:45
Terry Bell 05/12/18 20:22
THIS!! It would be great to have more control over the image drawing than just overall length.
Richard Duane Gryder 07/12/18 02:10
This would make drawings seem more realistic
John Cummings 06/12/19 15:22
The first time I used Doodly it seemed to have this feature. Now it is gone. It does help with making it more realistic.
John Hall 11/08/20 19:48
I would also love this feature to be available.
Yardek 30/09/20 14:11
I am using two solutions for that. One is importing a graphic with some extra empty area on the side. Starting the first path on the graphic itself then when I want a time break I go to the empty area and place 20 markers for a new path, after that I am returning to the graphic and make third path etc. I position the graphic so that the empty are on the side is not visible and extend time to longer. Another solutions for a time break is to move the hand back and fort in one place as it it would struggle to paint details. all such movement take time and 20 movements are making an impression of break