stretch shapes with top and left controls
Currently if you choose something like a rectangle, you every corner when "resizing" keeps the aspect ratio. I'd like to be able to stretch horizontally and have the verticle dimensions remain as they are. Currently it just makes the image as a whole larger or smaller, which is misleading when looking at the grab arrow that comes up, I expect it to only stretch out. (As well as the opposite of stretching things vertically as well) Right now I have to upload an image with the exact dimensions I need to accomplish this OR I have to use lines and build what I want. That's way too time consuming.

Luci shared this idea 14/03/19 12:51
Admin 15/03/19 06:20
This has already been submitted. Please share thoughts and vote here https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/44/stretch-an-object