Marketplace to buy/sell assets
A true marketplace where users can buy or sell assets with draw paths included. Short term version: - Ability to upload and sell custom illustrations (confirming via tickbox that we have the rights to that asset). - Ability to buy illustrations for the fee set by the seller. Doodly could take 30% of that fee, as Amazon does with books. - Ability to make assets available for free for other users, should we want to. - Ability to flag an asset as violation of copyright (some people just don't care, and you want to be able to take an asset down, if that should be the case). Long term: - Ability to sell assets with draw paths (still confirming that we have the rights to that asset). Could be single illustrations or full scenes. - Ability to buy assets for one-time use for $1. Let it have a watermark on top until it's paid for. That way, it's possible to check if it'll work in your current project, and then pay. Doodly takes 30% of that fee, the seller takes 70%. - Ability to buy assets for a one-time fee to use over and over. Doodly takes 30% of that fee, the seller takes 70%. - Ability to create a shop in the marketplace, so others can just click on the shopname under an asset, to see more from that creator. - Ability to follow a shop/creator in the marketplace, getting either e-mails or in-app notifications once in a while, when new stuff is being offered for sale. - Ability to suggest ideas for new assets, which creators can then create and sell, if they want to. Creators would of course need to be able to access that list in some way. Make a payment threshold of minimum $100, which is standard to most sites, before payout to any seller. A seller should be able to choose to get an e-mail when a sale happens, and also be able to access a list with sales, containing date, asset title and amount earned on that asset, plus the total amount that has been sold for, since last payout. If you want to make it easy for yourself, let us connect Stripe or Paypal directly, so we handle the sales ourselves. That way, it's not your problem. There's probably a lot more that could be done with this idea, and this is just rough thoughts. It could be modified to fit whatever would work best :) It would give a lot more room for highly individual videos as time goes by. (I think I've read all suggestions that has been made so far, and didn't find anything similar).

Anita Sølver shared this idea 22/10/18 18:11
John J Deltuvia Jr 01/12/18 19:45
I endorse this general plan, but expect that Doodly would handle the details.
John Collin 17/02/19 15:56
Yes, I was thinking about this, too. I've made dozens of custom assets already and would love to be able to share them.
Manas Gain 23/07/21 20:33
When to expect this?
Marcos Aurélio Tadeu Silva 26/07/21 11:50
Would love to see this on Doodly!
Kerry Smith 03/09/21 11:00
Awesome idea