Please add our Language i-e Urdu
Dear Doodly Team, I'm enterprise packedge holder, you are requested to please add our language so that we can make videos in our native Right Hand Language, which is not supported right now. Please help. Regards Wasim Khan

Wasim Khan shared this idea 16/03/19 10:40
Admin 19/03/19 07:05
Please see here https://support.doodly.com/en/support/solutions/articles/35000034455-are-all-languages-supported-in-doodly- in terms of the languages that we support. For best results, we recommend that you test fonts before attempting to use them within the Doodly software. To do so, please visit the Font Inspector site https://opentype.js.org/glyph-inspector.html and upload the font file there to be sure all characters load correctly. Please Note: If the font does not load correctly during the inspector site test, it is highly doubtful it will work in Doodly.
Anas Baig Chughtai 26/04/20 07:21
Hello Wasim, has the issue resolved? I am still facing the same issue.