Many Top Ideas To Make Doodly The Best
1. Multiple background tracks are played during preview. When I play the next track, it should pause the first music and then play the next. 2. Please add keyboard shortcuts for "undo, redo, delete, asset settings, save, preview, export, flip, bring forward, send backward". It is very time consuming at this moment. 3. Timeline does not show the exact time of individual asset or total running time, all I have to guess the time or look at the action panel. It would be nice if it shows time asset drawing time and total time like Videoscribe. And, it be great if the timeline allows us to adjust time of individual assets by dragging (just like adjusting the slide time). 4. Please improve the preview, hands seem like ghosting effect. 5. Please add auto-save & the ability to customize auto-save timing. 6. Project saving time and animation style changing time should be reduced. 7. Camera effect or pan & zoom like Videoscribe should be added. 8. There must be categories for scenes, props, sound genres etc. just like Powtoon's. It takes much of time to find the suitable asset. 9. Search tags should be improved to make it more usable. 10. There should be a shortcut "CTRL + A" to select all the assets of a slide. 11. The upper menu bar should be made smaller to give more screen estate. Currently this bigger seems unnecessary in my opinions. I have lots of hope from Doodly, thank you.

Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik shared this idea 22/03/19 13:11
Admin 23/03/19 07:32
Kindly post one idea per post so people can vote individually.