Please Add More Simple and Singular Food Based Props that are not Fast Food Brands
Currently there are inadequate choices for food based props. So may are branded for Fast Food. It would be great to have simple and singular props of vegetables, fruit, proteins, fat sources and carbohydrates. Many current selections are lumped as meals such as a burger and fries - this limits use if you own a food or nutrition based business and want to use Doodly as a promotional tool.

Suzanne F Fisher shared this idea 23/10/18 15:24
Admin 23/10/18 17:04
We will approve this one for consideration but wanted you to please take a look at our Marketplace here (https://www.doodlymarketplace.com/) which gives you some options for fruits and you can only import your own as well.
Suzanne F Fisher 23/10/18 18:10
Thank you! I did check the marketplace. There are not enough food props beyond fruit. Would be great if there were enough props offered without having to do an import. I appreciate you considering this feature!