Custom Path Features Urgently Required
Hi, I have imported a custom Image and while creating the custom path I have noted some features that are urgently lacking. I am using the “draw mode” for a custom image at present and I’m finding I really need: 1) A 1-step undo. e.g. you put one dot in the wrong place, there is no quick way to undo this. 2) I also think a “Path Lock” button/tick box is required and when adding multiple paths. DOODLY is allowing the change of paths back to the one that is ticked, which is very unproductive. i.e. when you, for example, draw an outline, then you want to create a 'colouring in" effect, you may accidentally click on previous draw paths intentionally. 3) A Colour selector for different paths would be useful as well as just blue and red is showing currently. i.e 20 paths could be 20 different colours to easily distinguish between draw paths. 4) Live preview “zoom on the current path” i.e so you can see if you have missed any parts of the item required to be drawn.

Jamie Westley shared this idea 01/04/19 12:35
Admin 02/04/19 08:38
Please submit one feature request per idea. Thank you.