Allow copy or export of images
I need to edit a stock image in doodly. Since there is no image editing capability in the product (and I am fine with that) it would be nice to select an image and choose copy to put the image in the windows clipboard so it could be pasted into my graphic design software. or provide an export an image function. i used the snipping tool to copy a screen shot of an image, paste it to my graphic software, edit the image, save then import the edited image back into doodly but the quality is degraded through this process. thanks - eric

eric lennep shared this idea 02/04/19 23:41
MAANAFLOR CIOCSON 03/04/20 11:12
Yes, pls consider
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:34
Useful idea for sure! hope you consider it.
David Taylor 23/09/20 10:28
I agree - it would be super to have a better way to tweak stock images. On this note - also being able to replace a user uploaded asset without losing the path would be awesome.