Allow setting visibility of drawing arms by asset, not only globally for the entire video.
For example, it would be nice to be able to have characters and props and backgrounds drawn with the hand, but have text appear letter by letter without the hand, all in the same scene.

Robert Frazier shared this idea 23/10/18 17:41
Danie Wium 06/11/18 05:28 flag comment
I agree, that would be a nice feature to have
Royce Bell 08/11/18 00:01 flag comment
Another excellent suggestion.
Admin 26/11/18 14:11 flag comment
Update 11/26/18: Apologies as this was moved to completed too early. This specific feature is not yet available.
Lovnee Swayambhu Pattanaik 18/07/19 15:29 flag comment
Hi admin, this feature is incomplete. Please move this thread to appropriate section.