Static Backgrounds
Let's say I have a scene where I want the background to remain the same but characters in the scene to change (either entirely or just their pose). As far as I can tell it is currently not possible to keep the background (park, building, office) from having to be redrawn if you want to do this. You can duplicate the scene, but then everything starts over with a fresh drawing. Some kind of static background feature would be useful that characters, text and props could be drawn and erased against.

John Tolwer shared this idea 24/10/18 04:37
John J Deltuvia Jr 02/12/18 14:20
This does exist, but it's a little tricky. When you duplicate a scene, it doesn't get redrawn - so if you want to actually SEE it, you have to add time at the end of the scene by going to Scene Settings on the right, then setting a time delay in the scene. (You have to do that for the preceding scene as well unless there's a lot of text being written very slowly.) See https://john-deltuvia.net/videos/Test_Duplicate_Scene.mp4 for the result of this process.
Chris Peterson 03/02/19 21:38
I agree with John J Deltuvia. If you just Duplicate the scene, and on the duplicate just set the delay and the draw time to zero of each thing in the scene and they will all just instantly "show up" or "already be there" when that scene starts. Then just go to the Scene Settings button and add however much time you want AT THE END so the static scene will go a s long as you like. And then if you add new things you want to be drawn, then the delay and then length of them being drawn will add to the length of the entire scene, so adjust as necessary. But for anyone listening...... I am going to suggest Doodly have a "SnapShot" feature so we can save an image of any frame of the video and then use it later as a background (so we can get a mix of chalk & marker, etc.) or used as a prop (like a picture on a wall). If I don't see it mentioned I'll post my own suggestion.