Transparent background
It would be great if we could choose a transparent background - then the exported file would have significantly more utility if brought into another program, such as the ability to use the exported file as an "explainer" overlay highlighting the features or items to note in an instructional video.

Brian Beyst shared this idea 15/04/19 18:46
Reed Brown 13/09/19 18:11
Yes, this would be a GREAT feature. I'm already finding myself importing .png w/ alpha chanel objects and moving them around in Premiere Pro, and being able to use Doodly draw-ons, then utilitize them in PP in layers in the timeline--fantasitic!
Shawn Stiles 29/10/19 20:16
Having the ability to create a transparent backgorund would expand the usability of Doodly with other applications. While the focus of Doodly is marketing, there is a big need for flexible whiteboard animations within the training development industrty. Trainers use mutliple tools to create their and integrate them into a single product. Having transparent backgrounds would be a huge help.
Prabhu Atluri 19/04/20 15:23
yes. please add export to alpha channel. MOV.
Deryck Ware 08/05/20 02:29
Absolutely a must. The whole reason I got Doodly was to be able to do this.
Hugh Heinsohn 12/05/20 23:12
This would be incredibly useful. You could make a Doodly graphic and lay it in over video or whatever you wanted. I have a need for it right now and I don't see any way to work around the limitation.
Esmonde 13/05/20 09:41
Definitely a super helpful feature to have for training materials creation.
Bartek 15/05/20 11:33
Bartek 15/05/20 11:33
This would be a game changer!
Satish K Sharma 03/06/20 10:55
Totally agree, this would be a massive help and would make my productivity leap ! Fingers crossed.
Tomasz Stolz 06/06/20 11:10
Yes please!
Harsha Subramanyam 26/11/20 18:22
This would be ideal. However there is a workaround if you are interested. You can select a custom colour in 'Scene Settings'. Do that and then in Premier use Ultrakey to key out that BG. That way you have what you need
Linda Ahlström Nilsson 05/10/20 07:37
This would add a lot of extra value and would make me using Doodly even more!
Maitri Lorenzo Ventura 06/10/20 11:18
This is one of the main reason because I got Doodly: I thought it was possible. Please, this would be really great!!
Stirling Butcher 05/11/20 20:18
Absolutely...I bought this software presuming this feature existed. I guess I should have checked that but definitely it would be much much more useful for me with this ability
Stuart Holby 12/11/20 21:31
Absolutely. Please
Pierre Jean 23/11/20 05:03
Definitely something I need!
Steve Prescott 13/04/21 15:58
Yes, this would be very valuable as an overlay on other layers in a video editor.