Dress women figures more unisex looking
Women figures are not just feminine looking. These figures show women as mostly wearing skirts or dresses. Most women these days wear pants at work, or shorts when they're exercising, not skirts! You don't have enough characters who represent women who don't want to conform to female stereotypes. My use of this program is for sports primarily, yet I would need to use male figures in order to represent real female athletes! We are strong, muscular, not big-hipped, and wear clothes that are not supposed to be sexy, but are functional. Your program needs to represent ALL women!

Melinda Shaw shared this idea 15/04/19 22:08
Linda Mahoney 22/05/19 06:19
The large number of female characters wearing skirts/dresses/heels does look anachronistic. I tried several search terms (doctor, engineer, math, science, plumber, electrician, welder, repair...). Women in trades were generally represented in pants while the women in STEM fields tended to be shown more in skirts. Searches for "manager" and "business" showed a surprisingly high proportion of women depicted wearing skirts. Not sure if this reflects the cultural experience of the artists, but it certainly doesn't reflect my everyday experience in business and work environments...although it used to, maybe 25-30 years ago. I understand the need to have characters look somewhat timeless so that presentations don't look dated, but I do think the female characters do need to be modernized.
Admin 30/06/21 15:27
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