Lock scene by scene voiceover tracks to a scene
Currently if timing of a graphic is shaved or increased in Scene 1, then all subsequent SCENE timings are shifted BUT voiceover tracks remain static. So you have to readjust the starting point of each voiceover track. If we could lock the track to the scene, then if the SCENE timing changes that voiceover moves with it.

Cameo Moy shared this idea 25/10/18 18:42
Kelley Briceno 03/12/18 02:43
Yes! This would save me so much time!
Don Rousseau 27/08/19 00:14
This is very much needed ASAP. This will separate Doodly from all the wana be's
Wayne Boon 01/12/19 01:15
Yeah, definitely need a locking mechanism of some kind for each scene (Animation/Text, V/O and Music) as it in completed.... Pleeeeeeeease :) This would absolutely make Doodly stand out big time.
Mark Hughes 20/04/20 09:26
Same with panning and zooming effect blocks! Adjusting the timing of ANYTHING in your scene results in having to adjust every single sound effect, voice-over track and panning/zooming blocks. Having all these items able to stay locked in place with the scene you set them on would be HUGELY useful. It's not easy to decide the speed of drawing before adding audio and effects. This needs to be done once all elements are together to really polish up your end result.
Eric 15/06/20 15:07
This feature is crucial !! I started now real complex video with multiple voice-over pieces. When you change a timing in your video you have to review your whole video. This is really a feature that is of high importance. Pleas put this on the highest level for next release. Friendly greetings Eric IBM PS: small frustration - interface for Doodly features. I was busy writing a comments and did push first on vote. A curse followed, my comment was gone !! Had to retype this comment again. Would be better that Vote and comments does not interfere.
Eric 16/06/20 08:00
Just to get some more focus on this feature. It is not a feature it is crucial for the success of Doodly. I first started making video's with just some background music. This was fine and the balance work result (value) was great. I started my first video with voice-over generated by AI (TTS). Every thing works fine. But as my video grows and I have to adapt stuff I realized that every time I had to review my voice-over stuff. I was very disappointed. The work -result balance became negative in case you have voice-over to add. Of course I understand that in fact part of this burden could be avoided by following a method of building a video. First make a script and scenario. make sure you have all finished before adding background music and last add voice-over. But as you know, remarks are coming in and you have to add or change some stuff and there the voice-over becomes bogus and you have to revisit all scene again an reposition the voice over parts !! Please make sure to solve this as soon as possible. Otherwise you will loose customers. Friendly Greetings Eric
Eric 17/06/20 09:11
I am now working for 6 days full-time on a complex voice-over video. I generate voice over using Artificial Intelligence - TTS. My lessons learned so far: (1) Don't start voice-over immediately when creating scene - you will regret it beyond imagination. (2) Start with building all scenes first and make sure you like the timing and content. Don't touch any sound yet!! (3) add background music and last the voice-over. Advise: Don't change any time settings after adding the voice over or you will regret it! I hope Doodly solve this issue asap. I will not start any work with voice-over in on Doodly anymore before if is solved, because you are constantly shooting in your foot and it becomes a story without an end to finalize your video. I can speak of experience. So again: Solve this problem asap. Friendly Greetings Eric IBM
איתיאל אהרונסון 30/09/20 09:46
yes please!!!!!!
איתיאל אהרונסון 30/09/20 10:01
Jenna 11/02/21 18:54
This is SOOOO frustrating! It's the biggest reason I might have to find a different program. It's such a waste of time.
Ian 03/07/21 20:53
I am looking forward to this CORE FEATURE. This is essential and very time consuming for those who need to fine tune the final output.
Jessica Kemp 13/10/21 20:25
My 3 minute video has turned into a 15 hour process for having to review the voice-over, sound effects and zoom/pan feature after each adjustment. The customer asked for something to be added into the beginning and now everything is taking longer to complete. Please include this with the next update.
Arnie Deltoff 27/10/21 19:14
I didn't realize this was asked for and posted this as a new idea. This is really an important issue so you don't have to keep adjusting the scene ends when you add/delete scene content which is very time consuming.