Spell Check with text box of Doodly
Hello, Doodly, needs a in text spell checker. Spell Checkers are the norm on all programs now. Thanks, I really love the program so far. James

JAMES BAILEY shared this idea 26/10/18 22:07
randi cohen 25/11/18 23:32
I like this idea too!
John J Deltuvia Jr 05/01/19 17:42
How many languages are you requesting? Really, this is a *graphics*-based program, which makes it sellable world-wide. As it is, fonts have to be imported for diacriticals (which, incidentally, flagged the spell check in this box even though it is an English word) in languages such as German or Spanish.
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:39
spell check would be helpful!
Andrea 18/01/21 03:36
Even my computers spell checker or Grammerly doesn't seem to be able to work on Doodly. My spelling and typing are not good enough to not have it at least highlight errors.
Louwie Viljoen 29/05/21 09:31
Will like a spell checker for english that can be turned on or off