collaboration between doodly and toonly
There are a lot of softwares which can do sketch(like doodly) and animation(like toonly). So my big request to the developing team is please bring some sort of export, import or collaboration function between doodly and toonly so that we can use sketch and animation in a single video.

Jaffer hussain shared this idea 21/04/19 21:01
This for me is why, having just purchased both Toonly and Doodly, I'm considering asking for my money back and finding a solution that already does both. I was using a free version of Powtoon, but when I decided to purchase, I made the move to Toonly/Doodly. It's only been 2 days and I'm already regretting the decision. This would be the number one development priority... there are quite a few others but this is the key one for me.
Francisco Nocetti 07/03/20 16:50
Is a great idea!
David M LaBuda 15/04/20 23:32
Very good idea. All of your products should be able to be used with one another.
Prabhu Atluri 30/04/20 01:42
that would be awesome
Matthew S Crossette 09/06/20 19:44
Being able to do some sections of the video as doodly and some as toonly would be great. This is especially difficult if the video I want to make switches back and forth from doodly to toonly. I would have to make a separate video for each small clip so I could put them all together in another software like Adobe Premier Pro... probably easiest at that point to do the voiceover in the third party software as well once they're all put together since you're dealing with multiple clips. Having said all that. I love the product as is and I don't feel that you need to integrate if it doesn't make sense for you. It would be cool for sure, but they are already two awesome softwares all on their own.
Thaddeus Nespeca 13/11/20 03:07
As a nurse practitioner, I love the visuals of Doodly, but including occasional animations of the Doodly scene as suggested, would be fantastic for teaching both patients and nursing students!
Edson Valle 16/12/20 19:35
I think that this integration would increase the visual impact of the presentations.
Mnr DCP van der Walt 26/01/21 18:35
A way to make use of both doodly and toonly in the same video is really needed.
Roshan Ali 26/05/21 00:34
I have a great idea for you. I already posted this idea on tooly requests. If you develop a single software and then put all the features of all your tools (toonly, doodly, talkia etc) in that single software. The competitors like createstudio have already integrated these features in one studio. If you also integrate them and tehn distribute your licences featurewise. If one buys features of toonly only, then only the toonly features should be active to him, however if someone buy the licence for toonly, doodly and talkia, he should have access to the features of all these three tools in single software. In this way we would be able to make wonderful videos by using the features of all the tools in only a single software. We would be able to make videos with boards, cartoons and voice over at one place. Of course you can sell toonly features separately, and doodly features separately and similarly for others.