Camera Panning: Make it pan to a completely blank section of the background
Currently, when you select the "Camera Panning" option, Doodly moves the camera a bit but NOT to a completely blank section of the background. It leaves some parts of the first scene still visible when it starts drawing the second scene. This essentially makes the "Camera Panning" function unusable. The developers should either completely remove this non-functional "feature" from the software or make it work properly. I cannot image anyone wanting to pan by an indeterminate amount in an indeterminate direction, leaving a random section of the first scene visible on the screen when the second scene starts.

Hugh Heinsohn shared this idea 23/04/19 00:39
Admin 23/04/19 09:14
This feature has already been requested. Kindly submit your vote and thoughts here: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/265/camera-panning-seetings