Let us set a standard writing speed
To slow down the super-speedy writing, I have to go into each text item and recalculate the timing by multiplying the number of letters by my writing speed, (0.2 letters per second - about 3 1/2 times faster than your default speed). Then, if I revise the text, I have to recalculate it. Please let us set a standard writing speed for an entire project!

Shelley List shared this idea 30/04/19 18:20
Sara Bizarro 31/05/20 19:03
I agree I think we should be able to set slow, medium and fast as a reading speed and then also a "custom" speed.
Steve 23/11/20 12:16
This would be nice
Robyn Elizabeth Carter 22/07/21 02:53
The text is way to fast for one of my technical videos - how do I slow it down?