Writing on Board Sounds
There should be a corresponding sound we can use for the different board backgrounds. For example, the sounds chalk writing on a blackboard, or a dry erase on a whiteboard, for example. This should be standard an included as default sounds for each of the boards. Thank you.

Jeff Dodson shared this idea 29/10/18 18:05
Eric 13/01/19 00:35
Jean-Philippe Waddell 06/04/19 12:58
That would make the software even more awesome and the animation even more extraordinary. I don't know why it's not already featured. Would make things seem more real. Do it please !!
Derek Carlin 21/07/19 18:14
I think this might be generalized to having the sounds available in the sound library, but then adding feature to have an audio-FX track (separate from narration and music), where you could slot in sounds effects as needed. Alternative would be to bind an audio effect to an asset, and be able to have the audio played as asset is drawn on the screen (possibly provide a delay offset and looping options to allow user to tweak timing as they stretch the drawing duration of the linked asset). Similar examples would be sound of vehicle when drawing one, camera shutter click when drawing camera or person using camera, keyboard typing sounds when drawing a character at a keyboard, etc. etc. etc.
Scott Gruber 20/05/21 04:35
This needs to be in the product. I'm sure it may be difficult to do, but, it will launch the product into the next realm.