Building a Doodle platform
It would be good to build a Doodle platform. The advantage of this is that it will grow the Doodle community exponential. As you can see industries are currently focusing on building platforms, be it for it own clients, be it for a whole industry context (blockchain for banks, blockchain for supply...). In fact currently as us user you only see what you have created with in the Doodly cloud. It would be much better to implement a DMR based security platform where each user can have the possibility to allow to indicate for each video a security scheme like "public and reusable", "public and viewable", "private". In this way the user would have access to all shared video's by others allowing them to copy interesting doodly video's as a basis to build new ones. This platform should not only do this on video level but also on character / prop /scene level. In order to do that: (1) the user must be able to organize his video into folders (categories) where one of the categories will be the public Doodle cloud where people share their video's respecting their security or IP-rights. (2) the user interface should be much user friendly and allowing things like: - selecting different assets and move them at once - changing the font of a text whenever you want (attribute in the change menu) - Interface able to indicate that the size of a text is the same as the already existing surrounding one. - Size of text should be on the change attributes. Possibly this request is a bit big and could be split in multiple request. I don't know how the development life cycle works at Doodly. But this is not a bug or small feature request but rather a strategic change of the product.

Eric shared this idea 11/06/19 07:56