Video import
A video import and resizing on the canvas would be fantastic!

Gary Smith shared this idea 30/10/18 15:51
Shawn Clark 21/11/18 01:28
Heidi Wise 28/11/18 22:55
Assuming this refers to the ability to import any kind of video and incorporate it into the Doodly, I want this! I'd like to be able to do the explainer part, then have the option to incorporate a video of my client to personalize the pitch.
Rachael Bath 29/12/18 06:32
YES! integrating other videos including YouTube into the Doodly would enhance tutorials too. YES, YES YES! PLEEEEAAAAASSSEE
Theresa Bean 05/01/19 05:51
I was going to suggest the same thing. Having a function that merges both animation and video would be amazing!
Sovann My 20/01/19 01:59
This is really great feature as well.
Sovann My 04/02/19 00:00
nice idea
Dennis Montgomery 05/02/19 08:07
Yes, I have to agree that this should be a feature - also allowing the import of other Doodly videos into your own system.
ANNIE HOWARD 07/02/19 06:21
Graham Coates 07/02/19 12:38
Would really open up new possibilities for training videos
Steve Hall 21/02/19 14:26
Yes, I agree. If this feature could be added, it would be fantastic, as I have so many things I would like to do with this. At the moment, I don't know of any way of achieving this effect, especially without having to use a number of other time consuming pieces of software, so to be able to do it in Doodly would be fantastic
brian campbell 23/02/19 21:34
This is a needed feature to compliment the story board if you are trying to present facts from other sources.
Zahid Moghal 26/03/19 21:09
Julia Hindriksen 07/04/19 15:35
I have my first customer and this was his first question indeed (can you add video?)
Jeff Brohamer 10/04/19 19:07
Yes please add this feature, I use Adobe Premier and this would take Doodly to a new level for marketing!
[email protected] 19/04/19 00:37
Please, please, please add this feature!
Bakhter Sani 09/07/19 14:27
It would be awesome......pleaseeee...
Karen Greaves 08/09/19 14:15
This would be superb. I think I can get around this using Camtasia to stick together my videos, but it would so much more professional if I could do this inside Doodly.
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:16
Would love to see this feature to customize the presentations.
Steve Etner 18/10/19 13:58
PLEASE give serious consideration to this and make it happen! I LOVE using Doodly for all of my online training courses. There are multiple times where it is vital that I am able to add a .mov or .mp4 to the screen.
Allison Gormly 23/10/19 14:31
It would be very helpful to be able to lay a Doodly over a video! Simply uploading it like we can with photos and then drawing on top would be amazing.
feng zhang 03/11/19 15:59
Jay CG 21/11/19 17:17
Yes please, that would be very helpful. Or adding .gif would be an interessting option, too
Andre Pier 09/12/19 10:36
Yes, please, this would be a huge imporvement.
Saad Hashim Qaddoori 10/12/19 11:44
Please your support to add this feature, really we need it.
Diana VS 14/12/19 22:37
This would be huge! I hope it will be possible soon!!
turgay karabay 06/01/20 20:20
please let this happen as soon as possible
John Makuru 06/01/20 23:00
Actually you can add a video. First export your video and then drag your video into an editing program. I use premier pro. Then add your video at the appropriate spot. Save and export. I know it’s not like having it within Doodly but it looks pretty great in the mean time
Craig Sargent 11/02/20 18:11
I can not stress how much I want this feature! You have a truly excellent product, but just a few features in my professional opinion stop this being unbeatable when you look at the competition. 1) The ability to import multiple files at once, but I notice that you literally just added that TODAY! 2) A decent search facility, the forever scrolling through thumbnails to hope you can find what you want, or once saw is a nightmare, but I also notice you have this now as a current working in progress 3) The big one! The ability to be able to import simple premade videos such as .MP4 files etc direct into Doodly and have them play along side other elements in a scene. To be more specific, there are a lot of times when I use Doodly to create a great intro and explainer video, but then I need to incorporate a tough concept using an animation I have created in another product. I will place an image like an empty iPad or Monitor screen into Doodly, but then have to export the whole Doodly video before using a separate tool to like Adobe Premier to place my video into the ipad or monitor frame. If I have my timings out its a right pain, have to go back to Doodly and change stuff. It would take this product to another level to be able to include an MP4 file, direct into Doodly, just like we import sounds, props etc and then be able to resize it, decide when in a scene it appears, have the option to auto play it etc. It is one of the few features some of your competitors have over you at present. Keep up the good work!
Daniel Lemus 19/04/20 08:33
Please add this feature. Doodly seems to be a great tool to create content for virtual education, but you need to be able to mix different sources and still be in draft mode inside Doodly
Kevin Penn 21/04/20 10:36
This is exactly why I purchased Doodly Need this feature ASAP please
Teresa A. Gibbons 27/04/20 18:21
This would be awesome!
Lewis Qu 05/05/20 11:47
I think most of app support mp4. If doodly also support mov file, it will be so cool!
Joe Peters 13/05/20 09:25
Looks like this request has been around fo a long while. I like Doodly, but I also use EasySketch, and in EasySketch I can import any mp4 video as part of my presentation. If EasySketch can do it, then Doodly should certainly be able to do it too.
Paul Hagerty 29/05/20 06:48
Yes please. An earlier comment got it spot on... The ability to place a video into a sketch of a screen and then be able to zoom it to be able to watch it before returning to the script. Very powerful Indeed.
Shamim Iqbal 03/06/20 14:35
Please incorporate video importing feature. Thanks in advance.
Charlie 12/06/20 11:27
Yes please
Julie Mason 15/06/20 08:07
I would like to import a video of myself explaining additional to audio.
June Tang 23/06/20 20:19
Can't agree more!!!!! video import feature it's actually very important. Wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooo important. It's a BAD down side of Doodly now that they don't have such feature.
Gabriel Merizzi 22/07/20 19:25
That would bring a ton of possibilities!
Sujit K Jacob 21/07/20 15:11
good idea
Sujit K Jacob 26/07/20 02:09
This is a much needed feature in Doodly. Will help everyone to improvise their projects / work by enhancing the visibility in all platforms.
Wilfred B 13/09/20 03:28
I agree, that being able to add videos would help alot for example If I were to create a doodle sketch of a monitor, then display a video playing inside the monitor would make it more complete and explanatory rather than plain doodle alone. Hope to have this feature added soon!
A fernandes 20/09/20 10:58
i dont even know how it is not so yet makes total sense!!!!!
Blane Judd 02/11/20 17:05
Love the idea of my actors showing real video!
sharmi 05/11/20 22:32
Theresa Nye 11/11/20 10:16
I've only just realised this isn't possible just as I need it. How long before a decision is made? Thanks
Samantha 17/11/20 05:44
First suggestion 2 years ago. 50 comments. How much longer?? Please add the ability to import/embed a video into the timeline.
Ejaz ur Rehman 22/11/20 18:54
Yes add please this is the great initiative for us. Thanks in advance.
Lenka de Graafova 01/12/20 22:05
Adding my own video and combining it with the whiteboard scenes would really help me customize my marketing messages. Please add that feature, thank you.
Ariane Pratti 02/12/20 22:01
Please. Exports take a long time, so importing a video and editing it on Doodly itself would help.
Ariane Pratti 02/12/20 22:01
Please. Exports take a long time, so importing a video and editing it on Doodly itself would help.
Tom Biesiada 03/12/20 01:35
Tom Biesiada 03/12/20 01:36
Paul Lee 08/12/20 17:35
this would be much grateful integrating PIP features
Steve Vick 05/01/21 20:04
Do you have this feature yet? Your competition does. In fact they have had it for a long time. I use Doodly as my backup. You are not the top pick yet. This feature would make it happen. Until then... p*****n is my top pick.
Andrea 12/01/21 01:16
I want to have my doodle person show a slide show presentation that I have uploaded. It's interesting there is no video import on this software. I didn't think it was going to be an issue to do this. My other thought was to have my slide show video as the back ground for my doodles.
[email protected] 09/02/21 17:17
Would love this - what is this on the roadmap, and is there an ETA?
Dustin Baker 15/02/21 20:26
Agreed, especially for mobile app screen recordings!
Preyan Anuraj 20/02/21 08:57
Yes, pls this would improve doodly by a lot!
Nate 30/04/21 13:57
Just want to add my voice to the mix. This would be an amazing feature for a future update.
Rob Bailey 21/07/21 08:59
I own Doodly and a few other explainer apps. All the others have this feature. It's weird how you can't import videos into an app that renders it's results as video.. meaning it's of the video world.. hmmmm....
hadi salame 23/07/21 22:44
Adding a video of your animated logo is very important! Plus some stickers on the video.
Ruben Verver 04/08/21 11:06
I've been hoping to see this feature soon, since it's been taken into consideration a while ago. This would make Doodly a top-product.
Slamet Eko Pujianto 07/08/21 01:53
ABSOLUTELY........ YEESSSSS......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doodly... we are waiting for your innovation on this... and we will love it. Thank you
Atif Rasheed 21/08/21 13:47
Videos are essential constituent for most lectures
Minstrel Gypsy 31/10/21 18:53
It would definitely open up the possibilities that's for sure!!!!