Including Arabic, Persian & Urdu texts
It would be awesome if Doodly integrates writing styles in Urdu, Persian and Arabic. It is a vast region and would help doodly users like me a lot

Usman Aman shared this idea 15/06/19 07:11
Wasim Ahmad Khan 20/12/19 16:17
Agreed with Usman Aman, Please include "Jameel Nastaleeq font". Its native urdu/arabic/persian font. All People from Pakistan/Saudi Arab and other countries please vote for this thread to implement it ASAP. Thanks in advance doodly team
faisal 30/03/20 15:18
Yes. Please Add Jameel nastaleeq. Many countries use urdu language. and we need it.
Muneer Ahmed 04/05/20 17:07
It is been since June 2019, but Doodly haven't took any initiative to add the Urdu Language. I purchased it today and it says that they support all languages but it's not working.
Aqeel Hassan 03/12/20 08:24
I'm also facing the same issue please add Urdu language in doodly directories
Mourhaf Alsalami 17/03/21 18:18
Hi I'm using Aramaic, Syriac, and Arabic with a non-profit organization for teaching Aramaic and Syriac language to kids and church people. We will appreciate reactivating the Right to left option.
SHAMS UL HAQ 17/04/21 18:39
Please Add Urdu Support. Although I can type in typing area, but when I press "OK" it shows seperate charactors :( Please add Urdu Language Support ASAP.......