Linux app
Hi. My sugestion is to create a linux app as well as the win and the mac apps Thanx Shahaf

Shahaf Ben-Shalom shared this idea 19/06/19 22:39
Shahaf Ben-Shalom 20/06/19 10:49
ok i tried with crossover linux as well. its not working. and crossover cost money. a linux app might be a better solution. thanx shahaf
Shahaf Ben-Shalom 22/06/19 20:20
tried with virtual box. works very slowly. very unpleasant experience.
John A Visser 20/12/19 15:46
If this was supported in Linux I would buy it right now. I have a business use. I work at Red Hat and use RHEL7 with Gnome desktop.
Need a Linux version. Serious content creators doesn't want to use Windows anymore.
Luca 27/03/20 11:23
Please update for a Linux version.
Joshua Dennis 17/04/20 16:29
There doesn't seem to be a workable method to run on Doodly on Linux. Please create a Linux version.
John A Visser 14/05/20 14:48
Refreshing my request. Many, many companies are switching to linux for desktops. This is a green field opportunity for Doodly.
karan duggal 08/08/20 03:05
Please create Linux app I use your software at windows. your software is very good. but the windows operating system is not good. then I switch windows to Linux. windows reduce system performance. Linux much faster than windows please create Linux app or (.deb package ) please I make a video on it. for encouraging to vote for Linux app again please create Linux app or (.deb package ) please
hiisn js nsjjoos 08/08/20 03:10
Please create a Linux app
pirigot673 08/08/20 03:12
Linux Lover Switch to Linux
Ricardo Galvão 11/08/20 01:42
Please, create a Linux app. I suggest using Flatpak. I just bought Doodly but only after searching for any linux alternative in the market (Maybe there's an unexplored market niche for you). I intended to buy Doodly some months ago but I didn't because there weren't any Linux version. Now I'll use it on my wife's laptop.
Das 21/08/20 12:13
Linux versión ? please
rory 20/09/20 06:43
Come on Doodly, get with the times
Igor Peretta 23/10/20 12:13
Yes, a Linux version would be great!
victor herrera 28/10/20 15:58
Make a Linux version for doodle and people will buy more ,I'll buy it now if you.make a Linux version I don't use msc or windows
BG CG 18/12/20 18:26
(I am contemplating licensing the product myself and recommending it to others, but I don't run a windows or mac.)
Jeffrey 29/12/20 02:10
I purchased Doodly and Toonly. I only have one laptop with Windows. My other 4 computers run Linux Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint. It would be very helpful to be able to use these applications on my other computers.
Philipp Renger 30/12/20 10:56
Would buy it if available for Linux
[email protected] 07/01/21 06:57
Would buy it if available for Linux
Lino Evangelista 11/01/21 14:07
When I bought doodly, I was simply assuming that I could use it on my linux system. I hope you will provide a Linux version.
Matt 24/03/21 10:22
Yes please, being a Linux user I have to downgrade to windoze to use doodly ... better still, access from the web and therefore any platform! :-)
James Bass 09/02/21 06:12
I am also a Linux user. Having a . deb or .rpm based solution would be great. Amen to those who see Windows for what it is. Content providers should begin porting to Linux.
Dmitriy 28/03/21 20:38
I use Linux as my only operation systems and I'm seeing tendency of companies and schools switching to this OS. So there's a growing niche. Looking forward to have doodly on my laptop with Linux.
Norbert Bollow 20/04/21 10:35
Yeah... it’s really really inconvenient if I have to set up a “Windows” box just for the purpose of running Doodly.
Igor Peretta 12/05/21 14:30
Yeah, a linux version is a must
Jaimen Urbina 19/07/21 10:39
It would be great to have this tool for linux environments, I use it with a virtual machine and it does not work optimally
Janeene Beeforth 04/09/21 15:04
I have managed to get Doodly working nicely on linux using wine/winetricks to set up the 32bit Windows version of Doodly. I have documented what was needed to get it working for anyone else interested in trying it in a gist on github at: https://gist.github.com/dawnmist/c0d2e1c1e4f8a8a6df403f7e900b71d3
Gernot Salzer 06/09/21 09:21
I could use Doodly for teaching, but I do not intend to buy a Mac or install Windows. Please consider porting it to Linux.
Sunil U. Thakur 14/09/21 00:09
please do consider having a Linux app, thanks.
Mark Cross 26/09/21 08:26
Serious content creators use Linux - please come on Doodly, I have a licence but forcing me to use it on my work laptop. And my work laptop only runs windows for ONE vendor application I have to use. You support Mac, so it can't be that difficult. You must have 1000 people at least because you have 123 people motivated to keep requesting. So immediate marketing size has to be in a 6 month time frame 5-20k licenses? Or at least do a installer for the 32bit WINE solution someone has come up with: https://gist.github.com/dawnmist/c0d2e1c1e4f8a8a6df403f7e900b71d3 Many thanks, Mark
Robert Batzinger 31/10/21 05:02
Please make a Linux version. If you have a Mac Os version you are already halfway there because many of the system commands are the same. Besides that you can use the open source community for apps like LibreOffice and OBS to help you make the transition. (They are huge apps running on Win, OsX and Linux) Many of us use Linux because our computers will not run the newest versions of Windows and OsX. Your lack of support for Linux limits the ability of non-profits and 3rd world users to use your software.