Update imported image on canvas
Custom paths take a long time to create in complex images. If there is a need to correct or adjust an image after the draw path has been created,. the whole draw path has to be remade. On such occasions it would be great to be able to update/fix the image outside of Doodly, then import and replace the image on the canvas while keeping any draw path intact.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 31/10/18 03:53
Rob Smith 10/12/18 05:29
Wayne, this is similar to my request for the ability to copy draw paths between assets. I'll vote for it, but I think that my request has added versatility while still making it possible to achieve what you are after. Regards, Rob.
David Taylor 23/09/20 10:31
Absolutely. But I also like Rob's suggestion with ability to copy and paste paths