ChromeOS Version
This would open up Doodly in the education market. Teachers and students will certainly benefit. Since Chromebooks are being used and deployed extensively in Schools from K-12.

Val Catalasan shared this idea 26/06/19 18:46
Aravind Ganesh 22/01/20 00:26
Chromebook has a linux kernel integration, so if a linux or ubuntu version of doodley can be helpful to make doodley available for all the users. Or it can be a android app compatible with chrome OS devices. Either ways it can be a big hit for doodley.
Scott W Cornfoot 18/03/20 14:17
Scott W Cornfoot 18/03/20 14:17
Jean Gaes 18/06/20 22:02
Please do make it possible to use ChromeOS too. I mosty use a chromebook and that's what many schools use. My laptop is so old. I'd prefer not to use Windows.
Theresa Williams 07/08/20 14:30
I'm a teacher at a school that is 1-1 Chromebook based. I would consider this product if there was a Chrome version.
Milap Patel 17/08/20 15:19
Please make it chrome accessible
Milap Patel 17/08/20 15:19
Please make it chrome accessible
Michael McIntyre 09/09/20 20:42
Yes, please make a version of Doodly that will work on Chromebooks.
Arkadiusz Kuchlewski 05/01/21 15:49
Agree. I am also a Chromebook user and would like to have Doodly available online via a web browser or so. I've been looking for this type of app, but since I don't have a Windows PC - I can't use it. Hopefully it will happen soon and am ready to become a volunteer tester (if it helps).
Ms Kathleen M Mansfield 15/01/21 09:20
I am a yoga teacher and would love to use Doodly to create lessons but I only have a Chromebook.