Zoom in/out of timeline
Ability to scroll or press a button on either keyboard or UI to shrink or grow the size of clips on the timeline

Cormis Partnership shared this idea 02/07/19 18:32
Martyn Whittaker 19/05/20 09:27
It would be great to be able to 'zoom'in on the timeline (like you can in video editors). I found it frustrating trying to drag the send of a very long scene. It would be a lot easier if I could see more on the timeline on my screen...
Hazem Hashem 26/06/20 17:39
Is it possible to make the time distance on the timeline longer or shorter so that I can find the frames easily, specially in longer videos. The Ability to zoom in or out is available almost in every video editor,
Orlando 25/12/20 16:46
Exactly the feature I was looking for
Aurelien 05/01/21 16:59
Please prioritize this, this is a must to have, it's super annoying for longer than 3 minutes video, Regards,
Alan Bowman 18/02/21 07:37
For longer videos it would be of huge assistance to Zoom in and out of the timeline. For me it would be of HUGE assistance. I am creating 3/4 Microlearning videos a week with Doodly and this would help enormously! Please prioritize this, it is a must to have!
Mr A 28/08/21 19:41
It's a good idea, but 38 votes over 2 years... it's too much