Element Erase Delay
Add a field in the element options for Erase Delay. This would be a time delay before the element is erased. As an example: I had to put a blank text element in a scene with a slow draw time as the last element so that the other text on the screen had time to be read before moving on to the next slide. I was using the Erase transition. I tried using the delay built into the scene options, but that delay came after the transition erasure occured and before the slide actually transitioned.

Stephen Orth shared this idea 18/10/18 15:59
Tanveer ul Islam 18/10/18 16:55 flag comment
yes delay before erasing effect is much required, agreed with Stephen
Brandon Zitting 18/10/18 18:38 flag comment
Similarly, the ability to delay before a scene STARTs drawing, after it has transitioned to the new scene, would be great! I've also had to create a blank png to use to work around this issue.
Wayne Hardin 18/10/18 20:04 flag comment
Ashley Bredenberg 14/11/18 22:41 flag comment
YES! I want to be able to pause and let people read first, and use the erase as a transition to my next point, or erase a line and replace it with new text. Also, when I erased something and then transitioned, the text comes back and slides off the screen in the transition.
Emilio díaz Fernandez 22/11/18 17:12 flag comment
Muy útil
David Curley 06/12/18 00:38 flag comment
It would be nice to be able to rub out assets explicitly (in order to replace them like this) or after a timer expires from when they were drawn (as in this request). The timer thing in particular would enable new and interesting animation effects; drawn elements disappearing as the timeline progresses. For instance, text "labels" appearing around the scene, and automatically disappearing to avoid clutter, just as another is being drawn.
Burt 06/12/18 00:54 flag comment
YES! This is the single biggest missing feature, from my use of Doodly. I would prefer it be as David Curley described though -- the ability to create an explicit separate step of erasing a character or prop. For example, I want to draw a scene with a main title and a character off to the side. I would then draw one prop (a drone), then draw the text "drone photography." I then want to erase the drone and text (leaving the main title and character), then draw an image of a bullet bursting a balloon, then the text "high speed photography." The erase the bullet and text, and draw.... etc.
Harold Ward 11/12/18 01:04 flag comment
Useful feature.
Greg Fishback 29/12/18 19:08 flag comment
Seriously, this is a critical feature. Not having it for my particular needs will probably cause the software to expire into the money pit of unused software that came before it. Seems like a simple fix. Any chance it is being addressed?
Greg Fishback 29/12/18 19:54 flag comment
Hey Team.. figured out how to get the result! Create your scene with no erasure, then duplicate the scene into a second slide. On the second scene, set the entry animation to none with zero seconds and exit as erase with the duration. Delaying the prop's execution on the second slide will set the delay between the doodle finishing and the start of erasure.
Glynn Williams 14/01/19 20:36 flag comment
I agree with @Burt, not being able to have an element erase is a huge lacking feature. I should be able to create a scene with say a happy character, then after an event (text or something) have the happy character be erased and a new sad character take its place.
Dennis Kamprad 31/01/19 19:43 flag comment
This would be great and save a lot of unnecessary workaround steps (and thus also be easier on the servers)!
Shanda Boren 02/02/19 02:18 flag comment
Yes! To Dave and Burt, that's exactly what I was going to add. To Greg, that doesn't necessarily work because the scene will still disappear for a second then pop back up to do the erasure, there's no fluid transition where it just stays up on screen to add the delay.
Daniel Vincent 16/02/19 18:37 flag comment
Agreed. And I agree that it would be really useful to be able to erase explicit assets and replace them with something else within an individual scene. For example, I want to show a character sitting on a chair next to a board and then have him erased (leaving the chair and the board as they are) to be replaced by the same character standing pointing to the board. Then various lines of text appear on the board, one after the other, each replacing the previous one (once there's been time to read it.) At the end the standing character is replaced by the sitting one again. This would make the scene much more dynamic. Greg's workaround works, although not very smoothly, but it means duplicating the scene for every single change.
John Collin 17/02/19 16:04 flag comment
Yes! I was very frustrated when I saw that i couldn't do this.
Doug Spicher 29/05/19 19:51 flag comment
Erase or disappear/fade out without the eraser hand needing to appear