Click and Delete on Assets
It would help if the user didn't have to click on the trash can every time the user wants to remove an asset, (scene, prop, character, etc). It would be nice to just click the asset (or area) and delete it. I don't mind the reminder, but is there an option to turn the reminder popup off for "Your are about to remove the selected assets from this scene. You can add them back later by browsing the asset library. Are you sure you want to continue?" BTW, the message has a typo ;) It should be either "You are" or "You're." I just thoughts you'd want to know. ;)

Bernadette shared this idea 25/07/19 17:31
Admin 17/04/20 20:23
A similar request already exists. Please give it an upvote here - https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/826/remove-confirm-delete