user hands or drawn hands (why not?)
Please allow users to use their own hand images. Maybe you can even add drawn hands to your library. You could let people choose the carnation colour they want, as for emoticons. :) On the other … hand, I know that us users we will always ask for more options :) : male, female, young, old, robots, Alf, with or without clothes (and their colours), rings, etc. Let's begin with two (man and woman) and you'll see if people like them. Thank you.

Peri Vanvuchelen shared this idea 01/11/18 22:52
brian g. smith 03/12/18 12:10
If this is somehow complicated/long term for development, perhaps Doodly could add at least one child's hand? You know, for the kids.
Eric 13/01/19 00:36
or an alien hand - or a bear claw! Be able to change them in the presentation. Drooling just thinking about it!
Ciprian C. 19/01/19 22:23
Yes! We need custom hands!
Rebecca Reid 05/02/19 23:38
a child's hand would be nice. I love that there is lots of variety but would love more!
Ed Lyons 04/09/19 16:48
Or no hand! I would like the option of just writing instrument, or literally just a hand without the arm.
Andrew McCabe 25/10/19 18:36
That could be pretty simple for them to do, if users had a photo, made the background transparent, then saved it as a PNG, we could potentially make any number of custom hands, pens etc.
Markus Doerrenbaecher 04/01/20 21:38
Yes we need custom Hands
James R. Henry 05/02/20 21:15
Yes, this would be a great feature!
Dzvux 10/02/20 09:29
Yes please!
Monya Erasmus 16/02/20 06:43
Transparent would be great
Sarah 06/03/20 01:16
I didn't see this until just now...would LOVE this. I want to use a realistic hand that draws with PENCIL, and I can't do that. :(
David Greenwood 13/03/20 05:56
Using custom graphics for different "hands" opens up many possibilities and adds use cases not currently possible.
Aktivator 27/03/20 18:47
Custom hands are very important! I want to use only different pencils (without hands) ...
Simeon Payne 09/05/20 15:22
Why not any picture as a hand, such as a car revealing the path. If you can upload a hand then why not anything.
Christopher ryman 13/05/20 13:26
Need for doing dog videos
Will Howell 17/05/20 14:24
Custom Hands would be brilliant
Michael Smetham 19/05/20 14:06
This would be an awesome addition, especially if it was possible to use an animated GIF
Cathy Beasley 18/06/20 08:03
The option for the user to upload their own library of hand options would be HUGE benefit i.e. (PNG format transparent background). This feature is offered in other products (which I trailled). For example, I uploaded a cats paw instead of a hand - super cool! Yet here I am - intending to be a loyal Doodly customer. Come on, Doodly, don't let me down. This would be awesome. Thank you in advance.
Jean Gaes 18/06/20 21:58
I vote for transparent! That would be a start!
D Sims 17/08/20 21:03
I am a bit disappointed that this has been going for over 2.5 years and it is just "Considered". Customizing the main element of this product (the hand) should have been "Considered" from day one, and then "Implemented" shortly afterwards.
Ramsey James 25/10/20 01:25
This and (https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/516/goose-feather-pen-paint-brush-and-pencil) are the main features that will make Doodly the best whiteboard software you need. Doodly do both of these and you'll be unstoppable.
Peter Mischler 30/11/20 14:37
I would like to at least see the ability to customize existing hands with sleeve logos or text. This would allow for a logo to make more "impressions" during the video.
Larry Schack 27/12/20 14:43
This request has been open for over 2 years. Why? This should be a very easy thing for Doodly to do and it is obviously a highly requested feature. As a new customer I found out I can't do this and I am very disappointed. Since everything else is basically customizable I assumed the hands could be to. I need a specific character''s hand we created that is relative to my business. It would make a very powerful branding tool. Not being able to do this sucks. I am not going to be throwing any more money at their add-ons (I bought enterprise) when it's apparent Doodly is not willing to address a significant feature request. Makes no sense. It would be nice if we were given a reason as to why it has not been implemented or why it has been only under consideration.
Jason D 12/01/21 15:08
the ability to import/define your own writing instrument using a .png with transparency would be a most welcomed enhancement which could increase the uniqueness of each video and improve the viewers' experience. I myself would prefer more robotic or mechanized instruments, but next month may want a different one.
Rafael 15/04/21 12:15
I for one would already be happy with a custom Pen. So you can use your own branded one or a color pen to match the text in cause you are not using black/white.
Elizabeth Vaughn 30/04/21 01:36
Being able to customize the hand to whatever we want seems a no-brainer to me. Why is this taking so long to complete?
Robby Lann 21/08/21 00:42
I would almost think this would be a basic need! I wanted to use a "floating pencil" in one video, and an Anime hand in another. I can make the images - both the pencil and eraser images. I also bought the Enterprise, so why so long? Other than that, the software lets you import everything else. Please consider removing this limitation for us. Thank you
Ron Doyle 17/06/22 20:35
Yes, I am an egomaniac; I guess. I want my hand in there to match me while I am training people. The sooner the better!!!