Have text (optionally) be left aligned by default, so changing the text will not change the anchor point of the text to begin with.
When putting text in scenes, it has to be realigned whenever the text is realigned, or changed. When there are multiple lines of text that have to appear with some pause in them, and one wants to keep the text font size (and color), one will copy the text and put it on the grid. But putting new text in single-line boxes, always makes the text move, because it is centered. Centered text is not the norm in video producing applications. So it constantly hampers my workflow.

Ruud van Wijngaarden shared this idea 02/08/19 20:19
NDO Carswell 20/03/20 19:45
Yes, defaulting to centered text is problematic. For example, doing an acronym. I stack the individual letters vertically with an X coordinate of 70. But then when I put in the acronym words the X coordinate ranges by the length of the word from a center point of 100 to 225. If left align was the default, all Xs could be set to 70.