Use the SPACE bar to stop the preview
I create Doodly videos that have to sync to voice-overs, and because of reasons, the sound is made before the animation. So getting the timing right is working constantly on it for different elements. So I constantly preview the scene to see if it has to be 1.25 or 1.5 seconds. I monitor it (I would REALLY like a short key for a scene preview, like command-P) and when it is off, I would like to hit a key, to go back to the time asap. Having to actually close the preview window seems not logical in the workflow of getting the timing right. Being able to just hit a short key for a scene preview, and another to close it (could be the same), would really help to get things right, without too much moving the pointer around and stuff.

Ruud van Wijngaarden shared this idea 02/08/19 20:36