preview's lag problem
hi i notice that when i klik preview, the hands on the video lag a lot.i hope the lag can be solved coz it disturb me(drives me crazy actually) when i try to make sure everything is ok between the drawing hand, music,and the sound before i export it to youtube.

david tan shared this idea 06/08/19 08:03
Daniel 04/04/21 16:57
I have the same problem. My CPU and memory are never more than 35%, but I have to play preview several times to ensure proper timing with audio and such. Graphics is more than fine as I can run up to 4k. It is turning into a large file.
Calvary Zender 08/07/21 21:41
Same. My PC is beefy and the program lags all the time. Especially with projects longer than a minute.
Elio 17/07/21 21:33
same here. It's very hard to sync things if they lag
Laurie J 31/07/21 18:25
The preview lag is driving me C R A Z Y. Timing is crucial in any video if you are syncing music, voiceover and graphics! How can we tell if our timing is precise if the preview lags and lags and skips and skips? AHHHHHH!!!!!! :-( The lag gets even worse if you add effects like panning, which is where you need precise timing the most!!!