Visualise better the My video library
On the 'My videos' you currently see the most recently video's you created. I suggest to implement the following to make searching and finding a particular video much easier: (1) As already mentioned before - allow tagging of the video, so people can create themselves the way they organise their videos. (By the way - tagging is easy to implement) (2)Currently you see the most recent video's you created. It is very useful to have a view on your latest video's you have been working on. But I suggest not only to show the last 5 video's. It would extend this as a ribbon where you can just scroll through all video's by default (no tagging taken into account), and just sorted by date of last action on it. (3) Allow to select in the same ribbon a tag that was created by the user and just show only the video's having that tag. (4) Allow video's to have multiple tags, sometime a video can cover multiple content and can be tagged under different tag-subjects, so the same video is visible in different tag-subjects. (5) Add also a description field for every video - allowing the user to add more information about the video he created. Note: I advise you to add to this feedback possibility also a file upload. So your user can upload a view of how they would like the implementation to be looked like. This would help your analist/developer when designing new feature or improvements of Doodly.

Eric shared this idea 07/08/19 06:57