Senors, their activities and life styles.
Your images don't represent an older population. I thing this is a costly oversight. Senors are not done contributing or BUYING and you are missing that segment. If you choose to pursue that area let me know. Senors are neither the smiling people portrayed in the media, jogging along the beach nor the incapacitated cripples imagined by youth. We need images of older persons of all colors. not all bald not all dowdy. We need some in wheel chairs, some using walkers and canes. Dancing, travel, the arts and learning are common activities in senor communities. Being an audience for events is common. Seeing a doctor is common. (they're just like people, slightly less physically active but people just the same). I could list thousands of things but I'll call on your compassion and imagination to fill in the blanks. This would certainly make your program usable for me.

Joseph Valentinetti shared this idea 11/08/19 18:26
Admin 17/04/20 20:18
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