More Jewish props/content? : )
Hi ... I noticed there are a few Christian (and even a Muslim women), but we'd love to see a few Jewish symbols added. For example, a very simple yarmulke (Jewish head covering) would be great addition (not too orthodox-looking, just a simple one that would work for liberal/progressive Jewish communities). :) (Also, just a friendly FYI, there is one female character that most/many Jews would find offensive - she has both a Santa hat on and a Jewish star and a dreidle on, which doesn't really work for any Jewish uses ... although, I'd love to see a dreidle separate as a prop.) I'm definitely a newbie so my apologies if these exist and I just haven't figured out where they are yet (but they're definitely not easily searchable as there literally is nothing under "Jewish" or "Judaism" -- although I did find the Jewish star under "Star of David Star," which is technically correct, but nothing else ... so far). : ) I know we are a small part of the population, but happy to help brainstorm very simple ways that would be helpful to create Jewish content! :) [email protected] :)

Rabbi Cookie Lea Olshein shared this idea 11/08/19 21:52