Unlock aspect ratio for shapes
like power point, when insert shape (e.g. line, oval, rectangle), it would be great to unlock aspect ratio, to change height only, or width only.

Saad Hashim Qaddoori shared this idea 12/08/19 10:20
Marcella Astrid 24/05/20 05:51
agree.. especially it would be very useful for arrows
Usama 24/10/20 11:33
KINDLY make it happen, its essential for arrows and lines.
Elie Milgrom 27/01/21 16:20
Same here: I really need this !
Randall Senske 03/03/21 03:13
Unlocking the aspect ratio of shapes is one of the many pretty basic drawing functions this product lacks. You really need to up your game and provide these capabilities, if you expect people to keep using this product.
Warren Smith 12/03/21 09:27
This is similar to this request and must really be a priority: https://www.doodly.com/requests/home/idea/285/crop-images-and-disproportional-resizing
David Schmidt 16/03/21 18:57
This is vital to be able to keep lines on a chart the same thickness even though they would be different lengths. As was stated earlier, a must to continue using.
Zim Sherman 15/08/21 03:36
Please make this happen. This is such a basic feature for object editing. This would be useful not only for resizing objects, but also for changing the aspect ratio of the screen during a camera movement.