Add shape option in addition to Scenes, Characters, Props, Text, Sounds
like PowerPoint, it will be great to add Shape Option, to add standard shapes like (circle, rectangle, arrow, square, bracket, brace, line, triangle, star,...etc), with following options: 1) Fill: fill the shape with the color you want. 2) Outline: change the color of the boarder. 3) Boarder width: change the width of the boarder 4) Text: insert text inside the shape 5) Size: change with height and width of the shape with Lock & unlock aspect ratio option 6) Boarder type: e.g. solid, transparent or gradient.

Saad Hashim Qaddoori shared this idea 20/08/19 06:24
Admin 20/08/19 08:22
Shapes are available in the image library.