Volume Setting (Music vs Voice Over)
There should a way to control volume (music and voice over) setting across the scene. So we can adjust volume of music (let us say down) while emphasizing volume of voice over (taking volume of voice over up). Then when the voice over is finished, the volume of music goes up again. The need is just a setting to control volume of music vs voice over across the scene.

Abdulrahman Ghalayini shared this idea 26/08/19 08:57
Steven J Hattan 02/12/19 03:58
Surprised this isn't already an option.
Elizabeth Tasker 21/01/20 05:05
This would be really helpful. It could be partially achieved by having the option for an extra sound track, so you could put a loud sound track at the beginning and end of the video and a quieter one during the voice over. But controllable volume would be better.
Adrian Camilleri 21/05/20 14:43
Such a basic function! Please do consider adding this.