Draw feature
I would love to be able to use a draw feature that enabled me to add/create small props. I have tried adding images (of all different file types to try and have a transparent background, but nothing seems to work). Would also be good if you there was an eraser function, so that you would remove unwanted sections.

Katrina Rees shared this idea 04/11/18 03:26
Royce Bell 08/11/18 01:09
I thought that was included...now, I'm looking for it.
Craig Hutley 26/12/18 21:52
I have had the same problem with adding images with allegedly transparent backgrounds. I want to use Doodly to create process stories so being able to draw my own arrows and small props would be extremely beneficial.
Terry Bell 03/01/19 00:04
This would be great, even the ability to draw simple lines would be an improvement. (and like the author said - arrows!!)
Doug Stewart 09/01/20 14:49
this is a 'must have' if you ask me --- aligned with the comment below - able to create process stories, etc would be invaluable.
David Gray 24/03/20 02:24
It would be nice to know what restraints are there for adding artwork. How big is to big and is there a preferred file type. I have not been able to import some things I thought I would be able to use. I really like this program but little adjustments will make it go from good to great.
Josin Tharian 27/03/20 05:51
This will really help!
mrhope 09/04/20 04:46
Support the idea to add basic drawing (shapes, arrows ,lines) feature.
Boris Artemieff 19/05/20 13:31
Basic lines, shapes and arrows would be a fantastic feature, and not only for all the teachers out there.
Abe Davis 23/05/20 20:48
I assumed this feature existed. I am considering asking for a refund after discovering that it does not. Will this be added any time soon?
Darko Sporcic 13/06/20 13:50
Absolutely needed ! Would like ability to draw a circle or line on an already placed image, highlighting that piece of the image... similar to powerpoint. so a shape like a circle that is not filled in as transparency doesn't work. Thought this would be included but disappointed to find out it isn't. Please make this a top priority or suggest any workarounds
Florin Dragusin 15/08/20 11:46
I think is a basic feature to include some basic signs that can be resized.
A fernandes 20/09/20 11:07
i think we should have an integrated feature to draw our selves and the ability to shere and get paid every time our drawings are used could be pennies but it adds up doodly get also a penny and every one is happy.
Salil 21/09/20 00:46
Any timelines, going by the way some of the stuff is articulated, i was of the impression that this is there by default as a core feature and now I am struggling with some of the basic stuff in order to get going. I am ready to wait if we can see this in next couple of weeks but if its a year down the line, probably will have to ask for a refund and look for alternatives. Thanks
THOMAS BROCKHURST 22/09/20 05:07
I am also frustrated with the inabilty to place a line or shape freehand if this feature is not coming soon I too will request a refund.
Jonathan Zall 22/10/20 16:54
Please add this feature! Some considerations for implementation: Prop category that are geometric shapes (lines, poly-lines, squares, rectangles, triangles, polygons, circles, ellipses, wedges) where the outline of the shape is also the draw path for the shape. The assets as individual shapes could include features such as: - Making the individual vertexes editable (e.g., to change a triangle from a equilateral triangle to a right triangle, or a rectangle into a trapezoid, etc.) - Making the outline width and color selectable - Making the fill color selectable with different styles (solid fill, pen-scribble fill, etc.) - Include basic curves in the lines (to be able to draw conic sections like parabolas or trigonometric curves...)
Koos Richter 01/11/20 06:58
I agree, add drawing feature compatible with Wacom tablet or i-pad, or other
Adam Ward 03/11/20 13:41
Arvind Devarajan 13/02/21 10:41
So, what is happening with this? Any timelines? As many mentioned, I am also missing many of the basic features and is such a disappointment :-(
Linda Clement 13/02/21 22:59
I am just getting started (2nd video ever) and I cannot believe this is not a feature. I also can't believe I can't resize the length of a line without it changing the thickness. This is such a fundamental item, it's astonishing that it's not already present.
Simon Julian Wilson-Taylor 15/02/21 19:12
Also just getting started and trying to create process flows. Shocked and extremely frustrated that basic shapes and lines are not available in a usable form.
Patrick Weber 03/03/21 19:56
I cannot believe this isn't included. No hand drawing and geometrical shapes are hardly usable. Is it just me or can I not even draw a circle around an existing object?
Lou Anne White-Grose 07/03/21 17:20
Agree with everyone. Had I known drawing freehand was not an option, I probably would not have purchased. But now I'm more than halfway into my project and my client has seen it, so I'm stuck with it. In the tutorials, they DO use freehand drawing ... so that seems to be a bit of a bait and switch. Grr.
Brooke Brod 09/04/21 19:43
Also disappointed to find I can't add a transparent line, circle, arrow or other graphic element to emphasize part of a larger scene. This seems like it would be a pretty fundamental tool to have. And apparently this idea has been under consideration for three years?
Asia Anwar 14/04/21 01:30
It would be great if we have draw options here in Doodly. like paint program in any computer. Thanks
Dr. Ronald Miller 07/05/21 15:37
This can be done I do it often make the file a PNG it is best and I use paint 3D from windows
Martin Gregory 01/06/21 11:50
I'm another one with "whoa, this could be a showstopper for me". The inability to draw a fixed-width line is very very limiting. I know you can put a line prop in, but if you change it's length, then its width changes. This makes the advice to "pull in your own image with the lines" unhelpful, because it would be very hard to get the scale right.
JAMES H STEPHENS 25/06/21 17:51
This is much needed for my work.