Hide or make transparent part of asset
I would be nice to be able to modify an asset : for example make a laptop Screen transparent (to see asset behind) , or hide legs of a character (and don't draw the hiding part) .

Francois Houte shared this idea 09/09/19 16:45
Philip Linnell 29/10/20 20:08
My background color is not white - so I cannot use the Bold Circle Prop and other props which assume a white background. It would be useful to make the white transparent.
Steve Prescott 22/04/21 00:46
Yes, and I'll expand this: (1) In the gallery, indicate which items are transparent vs. opaque. (2) In the gallery, let the user filter to see only transparent or opaque images. (3) After the user places an image in a scene, let the user control whether that asset is transparent or opaque.
Kannan 13/10/21 23:37
Yes, an option to make the asset transparent would be very useful.