LOCK your projects - So it can't be accidentally deleted.
We are worried we will accidentally delete a project while sleepy or not thinking. Currently there isn't a way to restore a project once it is deleted. So we would like to see the projects be lockable or at least able to be recovered for at least a 30 day period or so.

Jeremy McKinney shared this idea 10/09/19 18:19
Dushan missaka 16/04/20 13:27
I agree with that. Please do it
Matthew Smith 24/06/20 11:35
Yes please, this would be really useful. (That or allow us to save a local copy) If you accidentally delete the wrong folder then in the space of a few seconds you could lose years' worth of work.
Manish Bhatt 24/09/21 07:07
With live chat support you can Undo deleted video with in a few minutes by support agent