Create interest groups & enable sharing to interest groups
There are many different interest groups emerging among Doodly users. Allow the creation of interest groups and allow users to join multiple interest groups. Then extend the share feature so users can share their characters and props to one or more interest groups, as well as to individuals.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 05/11/18 20:19
Gary Reinsch 09/11/18 02:44
This is a good suggestion!!!! But if I might add some thoughts... -- It might be possible to then use the more specific interest groups to create drop down categories for all of the assets (historical, etc) within the program interface. That way all of the images could still be made available to all Doodly users, regardless of group memberships. -- Even with the lower number of assets that are currently available in the software (which I expect would be much higher with user groups creating content), searching for those you might want to use can be quite tedious at the moment. If a search box was ever added to the assets pane, the categories that I suggested in the point above could aid in an Advanced Search. *** The reason that I think that categorization and even search fields within the user interface that could access both local and online content would be preferable, is so that it makes the process simpler for even the least tech savvy users. Even easier than simply having the online groups and membership sharing amongst themselves. This would be moving toward a "there's an asset for any occasion" sort of situation. *** -- Another benefit it could lead to is the ability during installation (and afterward via a Doodly settings window, accessible via the menus) to customize the user interface to prioritize their needs. If I want to have the interface show me more history or science related assets in addition to the "general" ones, I simply check those boxes.However, unchecked categories would still be available via drop downs or search, but all assets for them are cloud based.
Wayne McHugh 23/11/18 02:58
You could consider creating an empty account for each approved interest group. That is, the library of Doodly assets in that account is 0, and only custom added assets would exist in that account. This account could be assigned to a trusted user in the interest group to oversee. Any user could "Deliver" assets to this account, if the "Deliver" feature I've proposed is implemented.
Wayne McHugh 26/11/18 21:15
When sharing, perhaps a checkbox "Remove other shares for this asset" so that personal shares that have been done while waiting for this feature can be efficiently cleared from the database.
James Sanders 06/12/18 00:32
I love this suggestion. It would be helpful to have a group for folks creating church resources, which often have a different pacing than those created for the secular marketplace.
Stephen T Batson 06/12/18 02:01
Great Idea!
Stephen T Batson 06/12/18 02:01
Neil Storey 06/12/18 04:58
I think this is a great idea. Why make people reinvent the wheel!!!
Richard Duane Gryder 06/12/18 21:11
I think this is a great idea. As Wayne said, you could even assign a user within the group to oversee the group as a moderator, etc. to prevent your team from having to do everything.
Terence Render 10/12/18 12:26
This is a good idea Wayne
Marty Hawkins 10/12/18 19:19
Daniel Aguilera 22/05/20 02:03
This is a great idea... I'm an entomologist and I would love to have access to more insects props and share my owns too