Selective overlap image erasure (non-erase)
Please consider adding an option to not erase an object within a scene. When the "Erase Mode" in "Settings" in "Smart Mode" any object that is over another object will be erased before the overlapping object is drawn. I'm trying to replace a line drawing with an actual photograph (however, it could be any image). With the photograph on top of a line drawing. I want the hand to just "draw" the photograph over the line image. "Smart Erase Mode" insists on erasing the line drawing before drawing the photograph. Turning off "Smart Erase" does so for the entire sequence in other scenes. I need the smart erase in other scenes.

Richard Farrester shared this idea 06/11/18 17:21
Alan Beasy 16/11/18 03:44
Yes. I submitted the same request before noticing yours. I would use this feature for placing a color image over an outline of the same image. this would have the appearance of drawing the outline first ant then "filling in" the color - without the outline being erased
Howard Cantrell 05/01/19 19:06
Yes I need this, I want to "X" or cross out something, so I dont want to erase first I just need it to over draw it and cross it out.
Steve Vink 28/05/19 13:22
I have voted for this. But as a possible temporary workaround, if you set the hand to "None", then the prior image is not erased. This allows you to do exactly what you want, see my example here from 11 seconds... https://youtu.be/7d1e22pKPUE?t=11
Marco Napoli 01/10/19 19:23
Would love to see this feature.
ThuRein Tun 05/04/20 09:45
I was having the same issue. Now I've solved it. The trick is to set opacity of overlapping prop to 99%. The hand will draw it over without erasing animation. I hope this trick also helps you. Cheers.
Jason Bradford 16/04/20 03:37
Yes, this would be a huge feature...The smart erase setting should be individually asset or prop based and not whole project based. There are many situations where erasing is needed in some parts of a video and not in others.
Jeff Underhill 03/06/20 08:50
Thanks, ThuRein Tun! Totally worked!
Yan Raychuk 07/08/20 08:48
I Agree with the author of the article, also ran into the same problem. ThuRein Tun, Thank You! Excelent temporary solution!!!
Laurie J 19/02/21 15:58
I'm so frustrated! There is one scene in my video where I have added a small watermark in the corner (you have to manually add a watermark in EVERY scene, argh!) and there is a large tree scene that the hand is drawing. Even if I move my watermark to the front, the hand finds it and ERASES IT and then draws the tree scene on top of it!!! I can't get my watermark to "stay" in that place no matter what I do. *I need to be able to turn off erase mode JUST for this scene - not the WHOLE video.* Sending the tree "to the back" just makes it so the tree disappears then oddly gets drawn a second later. GRRR! :-)