Carousel of video in main screen
Currently you have in the top of the main screen 7 video icons of the last 7 video's you touched. This is great, but I suggest to extend this as a carousel, so you can walk through all video. Even better would be to combine it with video-tagging, so video can be categorized. And as such the carousel could be tagged based. Example You have a marketing campaign called "2019-Q1-Campaign" and "2019-Q2-Campaign". You can have a video which has both tags as it is a common company values marketing video that will be reused in every campaign, while other video are campaign specific and as such have only one specific tag - 2019-Q1-Campaign or 2019-Q2-Campaign. In the carousel you select the necessary tags to limit the shown video icons corresponding the campaign you selected. If you select the tag "All' - all your video's are in the carousel to view.

Eric shared this idea 25/09/19 13:05