Export scenes as SVG/PNG
There are some scenes which we would like to export individually as SVG or PNG. Hope to see this feature available soon!

Jaden Ho shared this idea 26/09/19 02:43
Sarah 06/03/20 01:38
I love this idea....I've spent a LOT of time individually drawing paths for an image and would LOVE to export those paths. It was a pain in the butt outlining them, and if I could save time by just importing the paths into another project, that would be helpful. I don't want to have to spend hours drawing the same paths over and over again because I can't export paths that I've drawn in the program.
Ryan 27/10/21 10:04
I was going to post this as a feature request too. Sad to see that it was suggested well over a year ago. The idea of being able to export scenes as individual and/or a sequence of images (JPG, PNG (with transparency) and SVG would be great. My process for doing that right now is quite convoluted, involving exporting with green background, removing that in other software (Screenflow), exporting that as a GIF sequence, opening that in Preview (Mac), and saving each image as a PNG with transparency. Doodly, please would you prioritise this feature request?