Adding a delay or pause at the end of a frame
There are times when a lot of writing has occurred on a frame, for example, a list of items ... it would be nice to be able to add a delay or pause at the end to allow people time to read the text.

Lori Prentice-van Luven shared this idea 08/11/18 14:53
Admin 09/11/18 17:20
If you go to the "scene settings" at the top right-hand side of the selected scene you can include extra time at the end of the scene to accomplish this.
Kim Chi 20/09/20 02:39
Admin, Adding extra time slows down the animation, and it does not add a pause. What we need is "Pause" so that audience can focus to the text without being disturbed by the animations.
Alex G 02/02/21 19:43
Hi, just wanted to be sure that everyone including Mikael Gulapa know that this "Extra time at end" Scene setting does indeed add a pause after drawing for a particular scene, doing the exact thing I was looking for :) thx