Add Bangla Fonts
Please add bangla fonts like "Nirmala, Mukti_1.99_PR, Siyamrupali, vrinda etc.". I can't make videos in my own language.

Rakibul Hossen shared this idea 30/09/19 10:43
AKM Kamruzzaman 09/06/20 15:33
How can I add Bangla font?
MD MASHIUR RAHMAN 12/06/20 22:04
Please Allow Banlga unicode font in Doodly.... otherwise we can't use Bangla
মোঃ তামিম 26/08/20 17:27
Bengali is the fourth largest language in the world and I don't understand why you don't add Bengali to the Doodly. I request you to add Bangla Unicode font. For those of us who work professionally, the most popular Bengali font is Unicode. I hope you will add Bangla Unicode Front to Doodly in the new update. I wanted to buy your software again and again but it is not bought just for this reason. I don't understand why you miss such a big market place like India and Bangladesh. '
Biplab Samanta 23/09/20 16:48
Please include bengali font
Debasish Das 08/12/20 13:09
We need this badly. Thanks
Nayem Rahman 21/12/20 10:30
please, allow bangla font in doodly
MESBAH TALUKDER 23/01/21 17:48
Pls add Bengali font. So many people speak Bangla in the world.
Sweekar Info Media 02/02/21 13:28
yes, Unicode is required to make video in PUNJABI and HINDI too...
Iqbal Hussain 03/04/21 23:42
I'm based in UK and I have a lot of request to create video in Bangla for our local community, this language is very popular throughout UK. London is a diverse borough and it would be appreciative to consider having all Asian language integrated with Doodly. I look forward seeing this feature come onboard, which will see higher sign up of Doodly.
MOSHIUR RAHMAN 07/06/21 15:01
We need Bengali fonts in Doodly. Its not good Doodly is out of Bengali. Please add
SHAHADAT HOSSAIN 03/08/22 19:14
Please allow Bangla fonts