"Select next 100" option for multi-select in sharing
You recently introduced the ability to multi-select custom images for sharing, up to 100 images at once. However you did not include the ability to automatically select the next 100, as an efficiency measure. This would be equivalent to the "select all" that you almost always see along with multi-select functionality. Please provide the "Select next 100 images" option as an effieicnecy measure in sharing large numbers of custom images.

Wayne McHugh shared this idea 30/09/19 21:54
TJ Torgerson 30/09/19 22:04
Holger Loddeke 30/09/19 22:15
Either that, or remove the 100-image limitation ...
Norm Mitchell 30/09/19 23:44
This feature is important to me.
Christopher Beck 01/10/19 02:44
Given the work that is being done, this feature is essential. It can save HOURS of time. PLEASE add this basic, simple feature to your wonderful product.
Rebekah 01/10/19 05:01
This is an essential feature of community groups based around doodly. Should be able to select all or select the next group of 100 to ensure it can be done efficiently
Myles McGregor-Lowndes 01/10/19 10:48
Yes this would be very helpful!
Craig James Conrad 01/10/19 12:44
If a third-party is adding value to Doodly by creating assets for distribution, making it easy to do so should be an *obvious* benefit to Doodly. It is strange that this even needs to be a feature to be voted upon by the end users.
Dr Stephen Cook 01/10/19 23:40
This feature is very important to me.
Minister 02/10/19 00:25
Do it
Robert C. 02/10/19 04:03
This is a very important feature for doodly groups
Noela Irene Schloss 02/10/19 04:24
I believe that this is most important especially for community groups sharing Doodly.
Aaron Griffin 02/10/19 06:26
It seems removing the 100 limit limitation would be sensible but please do this, for the communities that could save time.
Daniel Fianko 02/10/19 09:00
Awesome suggestion!! Great functionality is always supported by efficiency. This will be really helpful.
Tim Bartow 02/10/19 12:41
Isn't the basic function of software to make something easier / better?! This would seem to be a no-brainer... make it easier / better to share images, which only makes Doodly a better platform.
Tim Clark 02/10/19 13:58
Having this available makes perfect sense to me. Will certainly speed things up when trying to import large numbers of images.
Christoffel Botha 03/10/19 16:11
This Future is Important to the World. It is important to God for us all to be part of His Redemptive Work. By approving this future makes you part fo God's Team in His Redemptive Work. It is not the big things that count, it is the small things each of us does every day that adds up to making the big change. Get on board you will love the journey.
Michael Elliott 12/10/19 13:22
This would be helpful and a time saver.
Ingrid de Alvarez 14/10/19 21:08
This feature is important to me.
feng zhang 10/12/19 00:51
我来了 ,支持牧师先生 !虽然我不太懂这说的啥意思。有人能详细的告知我么?