Larger Drawing Area 2
Hey Brad, I'm in agreement with Laxminarayan Proddutoor from the comments on the previous Completed post. I wasn't sure if comments on completed projects were still being reviewed, so I'm reposting this as a "New Idea." I love that we can hide the left and right panels, but the canvas itself is still the same size. Is there a way to increase the canvas size (IE a drag arrow so we can resize it) already, or does that need to be another request? I only ask because I'll be the first to admit, my eyes are bad, and I could really use a way to better see some of the smaller pictures that I import onto the screen. At the moment, I have to preview the Doodly to get a better view of the smaller pictures, rather than being able to see them at that size on the canvas.

Brandon Zitting shared this idea 08/11/18 16:19
Brandon Zitting 09/11/18 21:08
Nevermind! Just realized the "+" and "-" magnifying glass icons on the "Actions" sidebar are what I was looking for! Maybe I missed that aspect of the product update back on 10/22 or maybe it just wasn't as clear, when I watched the video. Anyway - Thanks!